Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI)s with Segmental Arterial Waveforms and Pressures (SLP)

This is an arterial study to check the circulation in your legs. Blood pressures are taken in the legs at several different sites. These results are then compared and studied for differences. You may be asked to exercise by performing toe raises if you are physically able, after which blood pressures will be repeated in the arms and legs and compared to the resting pressures. This can help determine if there is any blockage that may be causing pain with exercise, numbness, skin discoloration, or coldness in the legs.

The test is noninvasive, which means no needles, catheters, or dyes are used.


  1. Allow 45 minutes for both legs.
  2. Wear two-piece clothing.
  3. Take all of your regular medications, unless otherwise instructed by your physician.
  4. Your physician will be notified of the results. 

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